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Selected Resources for Austin Area
Green Real Estate Enthusiasts

Green by Design: Quarterly workshop for homeowners, designers and builders:

Austin Energy web pages related to energy efficiency rebates:

Web page from Austin Energy describing customer loans for energy efficiency upgrade:

Information on Energy Efficiency Mortgages:

Home Performance Testing companies listed in Professional Directory on Austin Energy Green Building Program website:

Austin Energy Green Building Program is a wealth of info:

Glossary of Green Building Terms:

More Locally Relevant Green Building Sites:

Envision Central Texas

Design Build Live (Resource for Natural Building Methods)

Texas Solar Energy Society (Organizers for the Renewable Energy Roundup in Fredericksburg)

Austin Habitat for Humanity (fabulous resource for sustainable de-construction and building material recycling)

American Youth Works Austin Texas and Casa Verde Builders

Ecology Action Texas: Austin’s Recycling Center

Austin’s Cool House Tour: June

Fredericksburg’s Renewable Energy & Green Living Fair: September 

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Driftwood, Texas 78619

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