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Mentorship & Partnership

In the Real Estate Industry we often give referrals to other Realtors® and receive them as well.  Typically we give or receive a percentage of the commission for this service.  In these situations a Realtor® receives payment just for referring business to another Realtor®.  All the time and energy involved in the transaction is performed by the Realtor® receiving the referral.

My mentorship and partnership program works differently.  Most of the students who have attended my NAR GREEN Designation classes are enthusiastic about what they have learned and are committed to incorporating this knowledge into their Real Estate business.  And at the same time most of these professionals feel challenged and sometimes overwhelmed about how to integrate course work with the real world needs and wants of their clients.

What I can offer is hands on, real time, specific support that allows you to learn by including me on your team.  I become your Green Real Estate Consultant for the transaction, guiding, supporting and role modeling you through all the steps of the process.  The ideal situation is if I accompany you on all interviews and decision making sessions with your clients.  The reason is that I will hear nuances in their discussions of needs and wants that many other professionals will not hear.  Honing the decision making process before you take a client out to show them properties is an essential time management skill.  Then, when faced with the real world choices and options available in our market there will be more decisions to be made.  Creative problem solving is one of my specialties as is negotiating with builders for concessions.

For example, one of my Green Buyers was chemically sensitive and since we signed the contract in the model home we both experienced severe reactions, first hand, from the paints and glues he was using. Many builders think that energy efficiency is the primary focus of Green Building and do not appreciate the importance of Indoor Environmental Quality.  No Green Building program, I am aware of, creates a high enough bar, in this regard, for the chemically sensitive.  There are reasonably priced non-toxic alternatives to all paints, finishes and adhesives.  The contract included, in Special Provisions, the brand name of all the non-toxic alternatives my client wanted the builder to use in her family’s home.  The Builder agreed to comply.

Another Green Buyer couple purchased a home in a large community that was being built out by various production builders.  The rules at that time allowed batch testing by the Green Building Program if a significant number of homes tested were built correctly.  This means that from that point on only one out of 7 homes, for example, would be inspected and tested.  I advised my clients to hire a third party phase inspection firm which would check every stage of construction on their behalf.  The contract, under Special Provisions, stated that any defects discovered by this firm would be corrected by the subcontractor before my clients would sign off on that phase of construction.  The phase inspector found problems at every stage and those items were fixed before we moved on.
These are just two examples of how we can champion the needs of our clients resulting in a much better built, safer, and more livable home.

Green Sellers require different skills.  There are many tools in our Green MLS that you need to learn to use.  Thankfully there is a free class at ABOR taught by my good friend Miki Cook who works for the Austin Energy Green Building program called, “Green MLS: The Key to Unlocking the Green Home Market”.  This is an absolutely essential class if you are listing a Green Built home rated by a third party Green Building program or if you are listing a home with Green Features.

Every year Miki orchestrates a series of classes for Green Builders and their subcontractors called “Green Boots”.  This is a collaborative effort between the Austin Energy Green Building program and the Austin Home Builders Association.  During the bi-monthly classes every phase of construction is addressed, how to Green waste removal, framing, landscaping, design and site selection, etc.  The final class includes a section called “Marketing the Green Built Home”.  That is the session Miki asks me to present.  Every year I update my presentation and am pleased that the Green Builders are becoming more and more receptive to learning the unique strategies necessary to successfully market green built homes. I am happy to help you learn to successfully market these homes as well.

My fees vary depending on the scope of work to which we agree.  I look forward to a conversation with you on your clients and your needs and wants! Please contact me with your questions:

100 Elder Hill Road
Ste. 145
Driftwood, Texas 78619

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