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If you are a reseller of any home green or otherwise we astutely study the market to give you advice based on hours of research. It does not matter, as much, what the market is doing this moment if a trend is developing. We, of course, design our strategy to match your goals and needs. If we believe that the market cannot come close to matching your interests we will tell you so. We do not believe in selling ourselves and then manipulating you later to adjust your expectations, or taking an overpriced listing so we can gain buyers all the while knowing you are jeopardizing the sale of your property. We are straightforward and honest and when we agree to list your property we ALWAYS get the job done.

Our marketing strategies are tailored for each property. We may talk with you first about factors that we need to address before we determine if there is a match between you and us. When there is, we will develop a unique plan that is suited for your property.

Two facts: Research demonstrates that the number one variable which results in selling a property quickly and for the best price is pricing it right in the first place. Also, staging does matter! First impressions make all the difference.

Finally, our professional follow up with buyers who call us from the sign, with agents needing specific questions answered, or anyone else who needs information is always done quickly and thoroughly. We are skilled negotiators and creative problem solvers. We will do whatever it takes to move your transaction from contract to close.

Unfortunately, we do not have a crystal ball or a magic wand, but short of these we consistently receive feedback from clients that we are the best they have ever worked with.

Marketing Homes with Green Ratings; Green Features and Green ROI Potential

Most Sellers of existing homes that have been rated by a Green Building Program, boast of green features or have what I call green ROI potential are most concerned about marketing and selling their homes successfully.

I separate marketing from selling because great marketing does not include the skills needed to negotiate with buyers through their agents; communicate promptly, professionally and successfully to anyone interested in the subject property; navigate through the hoops between contract and close; and most importantly creative problem solve through the whole process.

That being said, risk management is a very important issue that most sellers do not think about.

Let me give you an example. If your home was rated by the Austin Energy Green Building program a number of years ago, your home could meet a standard, which today is below code. Your home is still a far better built home than other homes built at that time. Marketing your home in such a fashion that implies that your 5 stars are equivalent to the current standard set for a home receiving 5 stars today could lead to a lawsuit based on misrepresentation.

Green is great but your Realtor® better know his/her stuff!

If your home was never rated but has a great collection of green features then it is not correct to call your house a Green Built Home. You will notice in the description of my own home I refer to it as a “greener” built home which it definitely was compared to other homes built in 1999 – 2000 but it was not rated due to my being new to Austin and unfamiliar with our Austin Energy Green Building program. Also, I am not marketing my home. When marketing, such a home as my own, I would use the phrase a “home with green features”, that is how we need to describe it. I can find green features in many homes which I market.

Now, here is the very interesting part of the discussion, you may own a home that could sell much faster if you invested a modest amount in energy efficiency upgrades.

There are reasons for this:

  1. Energy prices will be rising very quickly from now into the future so energy guzzling homes will quickly become less and less desirable in the market place.
  2. Austin is considered one of the “Greenest Cities” in the country and out of town buyers expect all of us who live here to demonstrate a higher green standard especially as it relates to energy efficiency.
  3. Your home is subject to Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit Disclosure ordinance, which it would if your home is ten years old or older; if your home resides in the City of Austin; is served by Austin Energy for its electricity; and you or the home is not subject to any of the exemptions.

If all of the above applies to your home, then, it may easily be more cost effective to avoid the cost of an Energy Audit and instead request a free Energy Assessment from an Austin Energy preferred provider; pay for a few upgrades that will most likely be subject to rebates and the remaining cost could qualify for a low interest loan; earn you the right to market the home with a Home Performance with Energy Star® certificate.

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