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Green Real Estate Academy

The Green Real Estate Academy is founded to provide MCE approved classes for Realtors to prepare them for the growing interests of buyers and the growing numbers of listings with green ratings and features.

Currently the Academy offers three options:

The NAR GREEN Designation classes 24 MCE Credits

"Why Invest in Green Real Estate Education?" 1 MCE Credit

"Educating Buyers on the Features and Benefits of the Green Built Home" 1 MCE Credit

See descriptions below.

Marjory’s mission statement upon entering the Real Estate profession was to contribute to the field of Green Real Estate Education. The Austin Board of Realtors asked Marjory to write and teach an 8 credit MCE course, “Green Real Estate for Austin Agents” in 2008.

That same year Marjory qualified as an instructor for the NAR GREEN Designation Residential Core and Elective courses. 2010 – 2011 brought many more opportunities with the GREEN Resource Council. Marjory was asked to be involved in the peer review of the existing residential course in preparation for the revised course being released in June 2011; she also wrote an appendix for the new course, “Climate Specific Green Building Practices”; she was asked to give the webinar for the instructors of the new GREEN Designation 2.0 course for Green 100 as part of their requalification to teach.

Marjory has been teaching the newly revised NAR GREEN Designation Residential 2.0 Courses since January 2012.  Please email her below to receive a current schedule or to book a class at your office.

NAR GREEN Designation:

All three of these courses are necessary for a Realtor® to qualify for the GREEN Designation.
  • Green 100: Real Estate for a Sustainable Future
  • Green 200: Science of Green Building
  • Green 300: Greening Your Real Estate Business

Marjory is has been approved by REBAC to be an independent instructor operating directly under the Texas Association of Realtors.

Please email her below to receive a current schedule or to book a class at your office.

Earn a scholarship for your Green Designation by arranging an interview for Marjory with your Broker that results in a class at your office! Call Marjory for more details.

To support enrollments Marjory has written a one hour MCE Approved class entitled:

"Why Invest in Green Real Estate Education?"
1 MCE Credit

This one hour class delivers facts and figures regarding the state of the US residential housing stock’s energy efficiency; stats on buyers’ interest and demand for greener homes, including healthier homes;  how to frame energy savings in a manner that is most understandable to clients; the importance of ABOR’s Green MLS, The Energy, Environment and Sustainability Addendum; how to utilize the Appraisal Institute’s “Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum”; an overview of EcoBroker® and the NAR GREEN Designation classes; the national and  local changes in legislation and building codes which will make these designation essential for your professional toolkit.


"Educating Buyers on the Features and Benefits of the Green Built Home"  
1 MCE Credit

Market Research demonstrates that home buyers do not understand the features and benefits of Green Built Homes. They have a very generalized understanding, filled with misinformation gathered by reading poorly researched articles in newspapers and magazines. As a Buyers Agent we must ask intelligent questions to understand our clients’ needs and wants. However, in the case of the Green Built home, we also must be able to be educated to know if the feature they want will deliver the benefit they want. Also each Green Built Home offers its own features and resulting benefits. Learn about the most popular features of a Green Built Home and the benefits those features deliver. Learn how to ask the Green Builder the questions necessary to satisfy your clients’ interests in Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air Quality, and Sustainability. Learn how to identify what you know you do not know and where to find out more!

Marjory was a winner of the NAR Green Resource Council’s 2010 EverGreen Award Click Here to read Marjory’s list of commitments and accomplishments leading to her award.

Testimonials for Marjory as an Instructor

"As a recent graduate of the Green Designation Core Class, I was blown away by the amount of practical, usable and pertinent information I was given. Marjory led a lively and interesting course that not only provided important information for today's realtors, but also thought provoking topics on how we can each make a difference, not only in our own business operation, but in our personal lives too. I would highly recommend this course. It was probably one of the most interesting courses I have taken as a Realtor."

"I recommend the GREEN designation class to all Realtors® in Austin, we are a very 'green' city (although could do better) and more and more clients will be looking for higher efficient homes in the near future. Marjory is one of the true experts in this area and is an ideal person to teach the course, you will learn a lot!!"

- John Scott, REALTOR®, Austin Home Source and
BPI Certified Building Analyst, Energy Menders

"Marjory, first let me say it was a privilege to be in your class. I greatly appreciate your teaching methods and depth of knowledge."

- Twila J. Vogelsass, REALTOR®, Agents for Change, Keller Williams Realty

"Great Instructor! Have take a couple of extremely interesting classes with Marjory who is so very knowledgeable with regard to this subject. She made it so fascinating!"

- Heather Glencross, REALTOR®, ERA Star of Texas Realty

The National Association of Realtors Green Resource Council is awarding Marjory the 2012 Instructor of the Year Award at the NAR Convention in Orlando November 11th! “Marjory is a driven dedicated instructor!” (Please read text below photo regarding my drive and dedication.)

As many of my students know I often show Annie Leonard’s film, “The Story of Stuff” during my classes. If you have not viewed this film or all of her seven other online movies, PLEASE DO SO!  During the conference Annie finally answered the question that was eating at my heart for years.  How are we really doing regarding our sustainability goals?  Simply put, despite all the efforts of many of us over many years as a human race globally, we are using resources at such a rapid rate that we would need 1.5 planets to keep going at the current pace.  So we are clearly not on target.

I invite you to be as driven and dedicated as I have been since the first Earth Day, 1970 Battery Park NYC.  We need all of us, not just some of us to turn this around!  Start with Annie’s movies, and then let’s talk.

100 Elder Hill Road
Ste. 145
Driftwood, Texas 78619

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