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Green Builders

Please read Marjory's article below. If you like what you read please call us for an interview to discuss your project.

Marketing the Green Built Home
Is Education not Persuasion

Why? Education sells green built homes because the Green Buyer is educated.

But the Buyers Agent may not be. You cannot expect the Buyers’ Agent to educate the buyer for you without help. The best Listing Agents will have invested in their education: NAR GREEN Designation and/or the EcoBroker Certification but the Buyers Agent in most cases will not have a green real estate education.

Marketing your homes begins with you, the Builder. Your brand, your reputation, your website all matter, and remember most Buyers begin their searches online. Your website needs to be content rich, include testimonials, your own blog is also very important and good SEO is a must.

In addition the Social Media is here to stay so Facebook, Linked In, Twitter contributing to relevant blogs is also important. Did you know that 87% of those who seek information online trust Social Media more than experts in a given field?

On site, use educational signage, displays, and videos and which then become cue cards for the Buyers Agents. They also allow you, through various medium to communicate directly to the Buyers who are the decision makers. It is important for you to demonstrate, in essence, not in depth, all the benefits of those features that you built into your home.

For example, research shows that colorful charts and graphs demonstrate energy savings more successfully than plain and simple numbers.

Also it is more effective to demonstrate Energy Savings in terms of positive cash flow not ROI. It is very likely that an additional $3,500 invested in a high performance HVAC system may cost, at the current interest rates, about $20 more per month. The energy saved because of that upgraded system could easily be $30 per month and will increase over time.

One of my favorite on-site demonstrations is educational videos, which can also be posted on your website and YouTube and they should be available at the house. These videos show you, the builder, explaining various phases of construction, such as the blown in foam insulation and the resulting energy efficiency.

Start filming from the very beginning of the project. The most important green systems and features are not visible after the sheet rock goes up.

Educational events are a big draw and if you feed them they will come! Many kinds of events can lead to the sale of your homes:

  • Neighborhood Events
  • Past Clients and Referrals Events
  • Realtor Events

During Construction is a great time for these events because you can show off all the systems you are installing. Many builders find they sell the house before it is finished using this marketing approach. Before the finish out is completed, it is a great time for those with IAQ concerns to upgrade to non-toxic paints, finishes, and adhesives. There are an increasing number of people who have become Green Buyers because of a health concern of a family member.

Instead of advertising in mass media, try connecting. Green Building marketing success is more likely to occur by attending public relations events, networking events, and connecting with potential customers and referral sources on a values basis rather than paid advertising.

Address the Green Buyers’ hot buttons which are energy efficiency, water conservation, health, environmental stewardship and popular green finishes such as cork, and recycled glass. Oh and be sure you design a recycling bin system into the island and a plot in the yard for growing food.

KISS: keep it simple sweetie! Sell the benefits. Do not overwhelm with detail unless Buyer is an Engineer and asks for the details. A confused buyer will not make a decision. Buying is a decision.

What About Incentives? Some experts believe that the best incentive is guaranteed energy savings. RCLCO, a Washington based real estate marketing company consultant firm reports that 98% of buyers surveyed said they would be more likely to purchase a green built home if they were offered an energy savings guarantee. A source for third party verification of energy savings is Remember guarantees must be in amount of energy used not in the cost of energy which is not under anyone’s control but the utility company.

Disclaimers are very important since some owners of 5 Star Homes may have 1 Star Lifestyles. Hire a good Real Estate Attorney to design your energy savings guarantee.

The growth sector of Green Buyers is the group called “Healthy Greens” who consider the health benefits of a green built home to be their most important consideration.

  • 54% will spend an extra $10,000
  • 32% will spend an extra $17,000
  • 15% will spend an extra $20,000

Quoting RCLO consulting, “When you change the argument from one of saving a few bucks on monthly electric bills to one of limiting exposure to carcinogens, there’s a market that extends beyond financial issues. Our conclusion is that the motivation of personal health was the most powerful message.”

IAQ Awareness has hit the mainstream. People are learning that Concern about the average home, which is full of carcinogenic off-gassing, is far more dangerous than most of our outside air. For the past two years articles have been written about this danger in every health and parenting magazines. Conclusion: “If you ask anyone, ‘Do you care about the health of your family?’ the answer is a pretty resounding ‘Yes’. “That’s where successful green marketing has ended up.”

Risk Management is of utmost importance. You must substantiate all green claims. Third party verification of products is an imperative e.g. FSC certified wood. Never say you have a “Green Built” house unless it is rated by a third party – say you have a house with many green features. We offer you a Green Sellers Disclosure form to protect you.

Also, Home Owner Education is a must. If the new home owner does not know how to operate and maintain the systems you built into their home they will not realize the full potential of energy savings and health benefits you so carefully provided. This process includes a binder with all manuals; instructions for maintenance schedules; a show and tell walk through that could take a few hours to be done correctly; checking in on a regular basis. The benefits of Home Owner Education is proven to be fewer call backs and more referrals.

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